Trigger Hugging Face inference API from Firestore

Made by Invertase

This extension triggers the Hugging Face inference API when a new document is created in a Firestore collection.

Works with
Cloud Firestore
0.0.1 | Source code
firestore, machinelearning, huggingface, nlp, inference

How this extension works

Use this extension to run inferences in a Firestore collection using the Hugging Face inference API.

When triggered by a write operation in a Firestore document, this extension performs a Natural Language Processing task on a specified field and updates the document with the results.

The extension supports both using Hugging Face Hosted Inference API and Inference Endpoints.

Supported tasks

This extension currently supports all Natural Language Processing tasks that are supported by HuggingFace, click here to see the full list of NLP tasks.


This extension uses other Firebase or Google Cloud Platform services which may have associated charges:

  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Firestore

When you use Firebase Extensions, you’re only charged for the underlying resources that you use. A paid-tier billing plan is only required if the extension uses a service that requires a paid-tier plan, for example calling to a Google Cloud Platform API or making outbound network requests to non-Google services. All Firebase services offer a free tier of usage. Learn more about Firebase billing.