Firebase Alerts

Made by Oddbit

Empower your team with timely Firebase notifications sent directly to your preferred communication platform.

0.0.15 | Source code
messaging, utilities

How this extension works

Use this extension to set up a webhook for social platforms where you want to receive Firebase Alerts notifications. For an example use case, refer to the official documentation: Firebase Alerts Documentation.

This extension enables quick actions through social platform notifications, allowing direct access to the Firebase console for detailed information. Optionally, it supports creating GitHub issues if GitHub repository information is configured.

The extension offers a webhook that are triggered for each event. It also supports multiple platforms. For a complete list of features and supported platforms, see the README.

Configuring the extension


To install the extension, you must define a webhook for a social platform.
The extension require at least one webhook to be defined during the installation.
At the moment you can only declare one webhook per platform.

This webhook URL can be obtained by reading the apps and integrations documentation
for any of the platforms that are supported by this extension:

For your webhook avatar, use the square Firebase icon located in the /icons/ folder. Here’s a permalink to the image: Firebase Icon

App information

You will be required to explicitly configure app id, bundle in order for the extension
to be able to generate URLs to Firebase console, to make direct links to crashlytics etc.

App ID

The app ID is the string that is uniquely used by Firebase to identify your application and
you can find it in the Firebase console looking something like this: 1:269808624035:android:296863cf1f5b6817c87a16

Bundle ID

The bundle id is the ID that you have configured in your mobile app configuration, e.g.

Although web apps do not have bundle ids, Firebase is still using
an equivalent representation for some of the console URLs. As shown in the example below,
you can find the web app’s “bundle ID” on the URL looking something
like: web:NzE5YzVlZDktZjJjOS00Y2Y2LTkzNjQtZTM0ZmJhNjU0MmY3

Web App Bundle ID


To install an extension, your project must be on the Blaze (pay as you go) plan

  • You will be charged a small amount (typically around $0.01/month) for the Firebase resources required by this extension (even if it is not used).
  • This extension uses other Firebase and Google Cloud Platform services, which have associated charges if you exceed the service’s no-cost tier:
  • Cloud Functions (Node.js 16+ runtime. See FAQs)