Sync Webflow Events to RTDB

Made by SimplyCubed

Webflow integration for Google Firebase Realtime Database

Works with
Realtime Database
0.3.1 | Source code

How this extension works

Use this extension to sync your Webflow Events data to your Firebase project.

This extension can be used to sync Form Submissions, Site Publishing, Ecommerce Orders and Inventory, Webflow Memberships (users), and CMS Collection Items with the Realtime Database. Each trigger of the extension is keyed to the user’s Webflow _id.


This extension is used to manage data in your Firebase project’s Realtime Database to it in sync with the data stored in Webflow. These services need to be enaled prior to installing the extension.

Prepare client id and client secret

  1. If an app hasn’t been created in webflow, register a new application from workspace settings page (Workspace Settings > Integrations > Workspace Applications)
  2. Copy Client ID and Client Secret of the application to be used during extension configuration

Install the extension

To install the extension, follow the steps on the Install Firebase Extension page. In summary, do one of the following:

Firebase console: Click the following button:

Install the Sync Webflow Events to RTDB extension

CLI: Run the following command:

firebase ext:install simplycubed/rtdb-webflow-sync --project=projectId-or-alias

During the installation of the extension, you will be prompted to specify a number of configuration parameters:

Realtime Database instance:

In which Realtime Database instance do you want to manage user data?

Realtime Database location:

(Only applicable if you provided the Realtime Database instance parameter.) In which Realtime Database location do you want to manage user data?

Realtime Database paths:

Which paths in your Realtime Database instance contain user data? Enter the collection name. For example, user results in users/{_id}.


This package is not an official Google Firebase or Webflow product. It is an open-source project supported by SimplyCubed.