Create Multiparty Video Calls

Made by Vonage

Quickly build sophisticated live video apps with many participants.

Works with
Cloud Firestore
0.2.3 | Source code

How this extension works

Use this extension to quickly add multiparty video chats to your application using the Vonage Video Express.

This extension will create rooms /rooms/{roomId} in Cloud Firestore and with Cloud Functions, generate credentials needed to participate in the video chats.

Things you will need:

  • Firebase Cloud Functions and Cloud Firestore must be enabled in your project’s console. The extension will need these to function properly.

  • a Vonage Video Account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up at the Video API Dashboard.

  • Project API Key and Secret. In the left-side menu of the dashboard, click Projects and select a previous project or create a new one to view the API Key and Secret.

    Screenshot of account add-ons dashboard
    Screenshot of account add-ons dashboard

  • Video Express add-on. Click Account Settings in the left-side menu. In the list of Account add-ons, find Video Express and click Add to account. Then follow the remaining instructions to enable the add-on.

    Screenshot of account add-ons dashboard


To install an extension, your project must be on the Blaze (pay as you go) plan

  • You will be charged a small amount (typically around $0.01/month) for the Firebase resources required by this extension (even if it is not used).
  • This extension uses other Firebase, which have associated charges if you exceed the service’s no-cost tier:
    • Cloud Firestore
    • Cloud Functions (Node.js 10+ runtime. See FAQs)
  • This extension also uses the Vonage Video API which has a monthly charge. See Pricing